proXPN UK server scheduled maintenance

Our UK location will be offline for up to one hour during data center maintenance starting at 12:00 noon EST (GMT -4) today, 04 April 2012. website maintenance

We will be performing system upgrades on the proXPN website during the hours of 15:00 and 17:00 UTC/GMT (10:00-12:00 EST). During this time the website will be unavailable but the VPN service itself will continue to function normally.
Thanks to everyone in advance for their patience while we perform this maintenance.

SOPA is bad for everyone

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the new legislation coming up for a vote in Congress in late January, is nothing short of a ham-handed attempt at removing citizens basic rights to privacy.

In short, the government will be given the power to muzzle (i.e., sieze) any website domain that it sees fit, without due process, under the guise of protecting the rights of copyright holders. The law is written so broadly (e.g., poorly) that just about **any** website could be construed as being in violation of a copyright. It will be trivial for the government to shut down any website on the internet simply by forcing registrars to remove the DNS entries for it.

proXPN urges all US Citizens who find this bill an affrontery to their basic civil liberties to join the ranks of those who oppose SOPA and voice their concerns to their representatives in Washington. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has provided a simple way for US citiznes to contact their representative for just this purpose.

proXPN v2.3.1 for Mac released

proXPN is proud to announce the release of it’s latest client for Mac OS X, v2.3.1.

We are dedicated to our mission of continually safeguarding proXPN users’ privacy, and this new client for Mac OS X adds VPN Guard technology in support of this mission. VPN Guard is an optional feature which allows users to define applications that will be terminated in the event the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

VPN Guard is available to proXPN Premium users. If you’re not yet a proXPN Premium user, either signup for a new account or upgrade today (existing users) to get VPN Guard.

Why using a VPN is important

If you’re not really sure if a VPN is for you, you may want to think again.

As outlined in a recent Forbes article , WikiLeaks posted the “Spy Files” – which contain, among other items, alarming videos detailing how hackers can gain all of your login info to webmail, facebook, twitter, etc simply by connecting to the same wi-fi connection as the one  you’re currently using.

Using a VPN while on a Wi-Fi connection (really, when accessing any sensitive info) is a must.

You can download proXPN right now and secure your connection instantly.

Facebook blocked? Try this workaround

We get a lot of users in certain countries saying that they even though they are connected to proXPN, they still cannot access certain sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. This problem stems from the fact that their ISP is very likely blocking these sites via  DNS cache poisoning techniques.

Simply put, DNS cache poisoning is where the ISP binds the wrong IP to the domain name of the blocked site on their (the ISP’s) DNS servers.

Editing your local hosts file can be an effective workaround to this problem.

To edit your hosts file, use a plain text editor – and we can’t stress this enough, so we’ll say it again – a plain text editor. Rich text editors like wordpad and word will render your hosts file unusable to your operating system. So for windows users, stick with notepad. For mac users, TextWrangler is a great, free plain text editor.

When editing your hosts file, the important thing to remember is, “IP address, tab key, domain name” – that is put the IP address on the line first, then hit the tab key, then put the domain name, like so:

Then save the file and flush your local DNS cache*

Note that for the above, there are two entries for the same domain – one with www. and one without.  This is because as far as DNS goes, these are not the same domain name (or “zone”, in geek-babblespeak).

Important points to remember

  • To find the genuine IP of a site that’s blocked, Zone Edit has a great tool.
  • If you’re on windows Vista or Windows 7, you’ll want to start notepad “As Administrator” – this will ensure that your changes are saved to the hosts file.
  • To locate the file on windows, be sure to have “View hidden files and folders” enabled, then navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc

* On windows, flush the DNS cache by opening a command prompt and typing: ipconfig /flushdns
* On mac, flush the DNS cache by opening a terminal window and typing: dscacheutil -flushcache

proXPN v2.4.10 for Windows released

proXPN proudly announces the release of v2.4.10 for Windows XP/Vista/7

New features in v2.4.10:

* Added an application style menu bar with menus added to the application window.
* Users can now check account status at any time via the menu.
* proXPN Premium users now have a selection of ports they can connect through. (coming soon for Mac users)
* Fixes to status checks and remembered settings. scheduled maintenance

proXPN Website Maintenance Announcement

Day: Monday, 2011-10-03
Time: 09:00 to 11:00 EDT (GMT -4)

During this window, we’ll be taking the site down for maintenance and upgrades. During this time, the site may experience outages where the client area and main pages of the site will be unavailable.

VPN server will not be affected, so VPN logins will not be disrupted.

We appreciate your patience.

New features for proXPN Free users

Hello proXPN Free Users!

Recently, we implemented a few changes to our free user accounts and upgrades for proXPN Premium accounts.

We’ve changed the bandwidth limitation to 100Kbps for free accounts, and for network security, we are restricting all ports except standard web browsing.

proXPN Premium users continue to enjoy:

  • Full access to all ports (torrent, FTP, SSH etc . . . )
  • Access to all locations world-wide (NL, USA, SG, UK)
  • Unlimited  and bandwidth and speeds upto 1000 mbps!
  • Bit Torrent capable
  • Custom port selection for proXPN to connect **(this is coming soon! Great for getting around blocked ports**)
  • Choose, PPTP or VPN

proXPN Signapore router software upgrade

Service maintenance announcement.

Location: Singapore
Start Time: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 1:00 PM EDT (GMT -4)
End time: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 3:00 PM EDT (GMT -4)
Expected service interruption(s): Two ten minute periods during this window.

Our Singapore location will be undergoing a router software upgrade. During the above maintenance window, we expect to lose internet connectivity for up to two(2) ten minute periods.