Computer America and proXPN Interview

Craig Crossman of Computer America interview Anthony Eusebio of proXPN about the uses of proXPN and security for your home computer, Mobile Phone, and Tablet.

Free Talk Live and Edgington Post interview Mike Strouse

Mark Edge of Edgington Post hosted and interviewed ProXPN CEO Mike Strouse about the history, creation, and best uses of ProXPN for everyday use to protect your online internet experience.


proXPN Garners Press

Looks like the word of mouth has been spreading about proXPN – many thanks to all of our users and fans!

PC World did a side by side comparison of proXPN and other VPN services, and gave proXPN the nod – see details at

Lifehacker also just did a poll of the top five VPN services favored by their readers, and proXPN was again in the running.  See more at!5759186/five-best-vpn-service-providers

Thumbs Up from Norton Insight

The highly reputable internet security giants, Symantec, have given proXPN a thumbs up through their Norton Insight service. Norton’s File Insight provides details of the files that you have downloaded and installed on your computer. The details that Norton provides helps you decide the trust-level and safety of a file. We’re pleased to show the results of a recent check by File Insight on the proXPN installer :-

Thumps Up By Norton Insight (Symantec)

Thumps Up By Norton Insight (Symantec)