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Australian AG: “The case has yet to be made” over ISP data retention plans.

Interesting read from Australia’s The Age:


Service Announcement

proXPN has completed scheduled maintenance of its e-commerce systems.  The website, support tickets, signups, and upgrades should all be online and functioning properly moving forward. Again, we apologize if you experienced any inconvenience.

proXPN Maintenance Announcement

Service Announcement: 

proXPN is currently performing maintenance on its global e-commerce systems. The website, support tickets, signups, and upgrades will be variably unresponsive at times over the next 8 hours. This maintenance should not affect VPN services. If you are attempting to purchase or upgrade a proXPN subscription, please check back here often for an update. We will post immediately following full restoration of these services. We apologize for any inconvenience as a result of these necessary measures.

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