proXPN VPN clients updated with new server

With our ongoing goal of providing the best International VPN service to our members, proXPN is pleased to announce we have updated our multi platform VPN clients, Windows, IOS, and Android platforms with another secure server located in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Please update your clients at your earliest convenience. proXPN thanks you for your patronage.

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  1. lilricky says:

    Its been over 2 weeks and the “Atlanta” server still connects in New York, I mentioned it on your Facebook page and created a ticket and was told it would be fixed in “a few days”. Nothing yet, when Atlanta is selected, it connects to a server ran by Micfo, LLC, which runs a server farm in New York. Also, using IP geolocation, along with trace routes, confirms it doesn’t come near to Atlanta, just New York. And again, so far nothing on this blog, nor on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. How about you guys just tell us what is going on. Just a progress report is all I’m asking for….

  2. Bryan says:

    It looks like the Atlanta server was removed as a choice in the latest Android app update (December 29,2013), although it’s still available on the desktop app. Will the Atlanta server be restored on the Android app or are you planning to remove that server altogether?

  3. tony mike says:

    i have been use this service and is one the best vpn services.
    thanks guys

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