Open Candy – Part Deux

So it looks like OpenCandy still has issues with it being reported as malware by Microsoft’s Windows Security Essentials products.

We’ve pulled OpenCandy from our installer last week, and have no plans to reintroduce it until this issue is cleared up.

Any users who see this warning on their computer are using an outdated version of proXPN and should proceed to login at proXPN and upgrade at their earliest convenience.

For those who don’t know what OpenCandy is or what it does, see their website

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  1. Goojo says:

    Congratulations. I’ve done extensive research in the past year or so and there is a very good reason microsoft still considers it a threat. It’s adware/spyware plain and simple and the fact that this Dr. App keeps contacting everyone and seems so desperate is because OC knows that they’ve been caught and they’re trying to deny everything.

  2. pingpong says:

    looks like Bing is a client…isn’t Bing part of Microsoft? Confused.

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