Referral Program Suspended

It’s a difficult decision to make, but after weighing all sides, we’ve decided to suspend our referral program for the time being. It’s a good idea; refer a friend and they’ll refer their friends – and their friends’ friends. Unfortunately, this was taken to the extreme by a certain class of folks who decided to abuse our referral system for their own malicious benefit. So we’re going to put it on hold for now.

Anyone who referred a friend who signed up by 19 January, 2011 will have that referral honored. The suspension affects any referrals going forward.

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  1. AOA says:


    Just came here to see if you run some affiliate program and saw this post!

  2. Raziel says:

    Thats a shame!

    Well at least I referred two real friends of mine. One of them ended up buying the premium package so in my particular case, you did won a customer. Its a shame though that people were abusing the system.

    Regards and keep up the good work.


  3. pingpong says:

    paid with google checkout and I’ve not recieved the software to install, why?

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