Gangs Steal Bank Details In Anti-Virus Con

Hackers are tricking internet users into buying anti-virus protection and then stealing their banking details, security experts have warned.

The malicious software allows conmen to infiltrate computers.

Investigators fear criminal gangs are pocketing millions of pounds in the scam, which sees them posing as legitimate IT companies and cold-calling victims.

The software can be downloaded for about £30 – but it allows the hackers to steal personal details and combine it with credit card information from the sale to commit further crimes.

Sharon Lemon, who is responsible for fighting cyber crime at the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (Soca), said the con was “big business”.

She said: “In recent cases, we have seen gangs employing 300 to 400 people to run their operations and using call centre-scale set ups to target victims en masse.”

Ms Lemon said some gangs even fork out tens of thousands of pounds a month to pay other web companies to advertise the fake software.

The warning came at the start of an internet security awareness week organised by, which is supported by Government bodies, police and private companies.

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