Firesheep Highlights Social Networking Security Risks

Using social networking websites continue to be a threat to your personal data when used over unsecured public wifi due to slack session controls that are still allowing hackers to spy on your passwords whilst you are logging in. Websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, attempt to reduce this loss by using secure connections, but it’s still not enough and hackers can immediately login to your account and take control due to the open delivery of cookie data to your browser. Firesheep, a Firefox add-on, intentionally brings these risks to public awareness (as reported by TechCrunch) shows us just how easy it is for hackers to collect your information over wifi.

Using proXPN to secure your internet connection basicly elminates this risk because your entire internet connection is protected and encrypted. You can use proXPN with notebooks and mobile devices alike. Protect yourself: Only use public wifi when you have a secure VPN connection.

firesheep for firefox

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