Building on Success

Woo-hoo, we’ve passed the 150,000 active users mark. Our client base is growing, and we have you guys to thank for that. Recommendations to your friends are not only increasing our user-base, but it’s rewarding many of you with a referral bonus of a FREE MONTH at PAID-MEMBER status, for both you AND your friend, giving you each PPTP usage for your iPhones and other mobile devices, as well as lifting the 1000kbps transfer speed limit. Thanks again for spreading the word, and don’t forget to use the referral link that you’re provided with in your Members Area on the PROXPN website.

About proXPN

We're serious about internet security. We collectively share this account for service updates, company news, editorials, comments, and so forth.


  1. LYQ says:


  2. Excellent gents 🙂 Onwards & upwards.

  3. Yaroslav M says:

    works well without any glitch for the past 3 months! thanks

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